Published On: Tue, Aug 14th, 2012

New Time-Saving Tool to Detect Heart Attack Comes In, Says Report

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New Time-Saving Tool to Detect Heart Attack Comes In, Says Report

As per a recent report, it is being said that people at risks of getting a heart disease at some stage or the other in their lives should feel relieved for a while. Since, a new technology with the ability to fast
detect a heart attack has now come into front. It has been found that device not only saves money, but time as well. Also, the same may prove highly aiding when it comes to huge number of hospital admissions.
The same was not possible with already existing tools, according to the findings, for they have limitations while they read troponin. Published in the Archives of Internal Medicine, the report has also thrown light on the technology’s ability to effectively determine changes in cardiac troponin.
Troponin is the component present in a person’s blood that shows if he would get an attack. A trial has shown that the new device was successful in doing so within an hour and determined in some 77% patients if they had had an attack.
“There’s a bit more work to be done to show, that in a prospective fashion, by employing these algorithms you have good clinical results”, said Duke University Medical Center in Durham’s professor of medicine Kristin Newby.

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