#Somaliland: 26-Guuradii Aasaaska #Ciidanka #Qaranka Marxaladihii Taariikhda

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By Arraale M. Jama

Araweelo News Network is a Associated Online Agencies established and operated by Somali senior journalists Arraale M. Jama, Araweelo News Network is a one of the most popular Somali Media Online, created by the one of the senior Journalist and human rights activist Arraale Mohamoud Jama 2010. Araweelonews is an independent non-profit and is not affiliated with any political party or group. Its mission is to inform and to educate people of Somaliand and Somali community democracy, Human rights issue, Health $ Education and awareness. Editor-in-Chief, Arraale M. Jaama Freelance Journalist and Human Rights Activist. Contact E-mail; Info@araweelonews.com jaamac132@gmail.com

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