Why TOYOTA Hilux Advertises terrorism Stimulation Pictures?

Msn(ANN)The greatest Japanese  TOYOTA Car Makers, TOYOTA Hilux, had advertised a terrorism Stimulation Pictures showing Taliban and Al-shabaab militants on their adventure TOYOTA cars with their arms including AK-47 guns and anti aircraft weapon. These terror


advertising pictures published ‘as show Propaganda.’ In MSN, the widest website in the world is attended to attract the Jihadist youth through the globe, special those who lives in Arab countries and Middle East. It is credible that these pictures must encourage the youth Jihadis to take a severe terrorist attacks using TOYOTA cars, that’s costs more damage than the benefit TOYOTA Hilux gets these advertising pictures which are a real pictures taken Al-shabab and Taliban.

It is first time that a great company like TOYOTA Hilux use a terrorist group (Taliban and Somali terrorist Al-shabaab), as advertising method. But still nobody knows the main secret behind this advertising which TOYOTA Hilux and terrorist group cooperates.
Taliban and Al-shabaab are terrorist groups linked to Al-Qaida who have an active role in Afghanistan and Somalia including Somaliland and their officials and members are Shown in the most wanted  list of terrorists in the world. Al-shabaab had attacked Somali-land on 29 October 2008, especially Somali-land Presidential Palace, UNDP head office in Hargeisa and Ethiopian trade office in Somali-land.

Somaliland declared itself independent from Somalia on 18 May 1991, but it is not internationally recognized. It is relatively stable, unlike rest of Somalia, and even organizes regular free and fair elections. Its main capital city is Hargeisa, and locates in the horn of Africa.
Everybody who sees those two pictures will ask himself the hidden agenda behind this advertisement and why the MSN Publishes.
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By,  Carraale  M. Jama  Freelance Journalist and Human Rights Activist 
Araweelonews Somali-land Office    
E-mail; Info@araweelonews.com

+252 2 442 5380

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