“INGO’s contaminate HIV AIDS the Somali Muslim Community instead of uprooting the HIV AIDS.”

Mogdishu(ANN) Jilibey Community held a conference in Mogadishu, this umbrella operates South Central Somalia   such as Banadir, Galgaduud, Hiiraan, Lower Shabelle, and Bay Regions. After their conference ended they issued   a press release. They realized

that the existing INGOs which operate in Somalia are doing false work claiming that they are helping for the Somali people; contrary to this they destructed the country in every aspect.
These INGs first come from Kenya, the Neighbor country after the collapse of the central government of Somalia in 1991; even they enter the Somali contra illegal status.        
They utilize a portion of local clans to achieve their objectives and also to defend them while other major clans were destroyed by them; they committed atrocities against human being like killing, abducting, looting national properties, etc. as these clans are un- armed clans.
One of the terrible incidents that we eye -witnessed was that at the time we were rescuing the displaced people in middle regions in Somalia, we come across a dead bodies which was burying by the local people and relatives, and they told to us that these were just delivered women and she and her new born baby were died as a result of thirst.
When we informed this shocking incident   one of the INGs which was operating in the area they simply report to us a s a local NGO to   write to them any problems and needs that the community living in the area desires, therefore, when we submitted to them all relevant necessities   they really did nothing for the hunger -dying community     
For that reason, we Jilibey Community Care have realized that these so called INGOs are the most fraudulent NGOs in the world.
They said “we are above any law and we have the money to defend our selves”
The blamed Atrocities that the INGOs responsible for are as follows:

•    That they sold  all stored medicines and rations intended for the Somali displaced and poor people, and subsequently, they let the empty stores to burn to claim  that the food were burned in the store.
•    That the rations and medicines usually expire during the storing period.
•    That they allocate millions of dollars from the entire international community to rehabilitate wells, to our surprise, and in contrary to that, they initiate to destroy and loot/remove all bombs from the wells and don’t forget that these looting bombs was first originated the wells at the time of the regime of Mohamed Siyad Barre.
•      The worst incident was that at the time they constructed fifteen shallow wells using water tracking instead of inner watering in the well to misguide the local community.
•    It become very obvious that they are the persons who usually masterminded to kill and assassinate the Somali intellectual people such as scholars, Journalists ,    officials, traditional leaders,  and in person they once told me that if I speak out about their atrocities they will use of me one kilo of Khat  (Mira)   to kill me .
•    Occasionally they use to assassinate among themselves planning to throw unwanted person of them to go to the field  and they send a telephone before he reached the site saying to that you should kill or abduct to that person for that case they declare that the place or area is insecurity and hazardous.    
•    They usually have a extravagances between the two rivers (Shabbele and Juba )     while the allocated money to the Somali poor community  falls the hands of these criminals or so called INGOs.
•    They imported condoms to widespread or “Ingo’s contaminate HIV AIDS the Somali Muslim Community instead of uprooting the HIV AIDS.”
•    The last but not the least, we Jilibey Community Care are requesting from the international community accountability of these INGOs which works in Somalia.

N.B. These groups of INGOs don’t want a creation of an effective government in Somalia as they want to prolong their atrocities against humanity.  
Contact Person:
Chairman of Jilibey Community Care Umbrella
Email: caraale114@yahoo.com
Mogadishu – Somalia. 

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