Published On: Wed, Jan 19th, 2011

UN Security Council Press Statement on Situation in Somalia

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The following Security Council press statement was issued today by Council President Ivan Barbali? (Bosnia and Herzegovina): Members of

the Security Council
reiterated their concern at the continued instability and deteriorating humanitarian situation in Somalia. They reaffirmed their support for the Djibouti Agreement as the basis for the resolution of the conflict in Somalia and reiterated their full support to the Transitional Federal Government in its efforts to achieve peace, security and reconciliation. They stressed the importance of reconciliation, dialogue and an inclusive political process. They called on the Transitional Federal Government to remain united and redouble its efforts to complete the remaining transitional tasks, in particular the Constitution and delivery of basic services to the population, paving the ground for a better future for Somalis, including their economic and social development and the realization of their human rights.

The members of the Security Council noted that the transitional period, as set out in the Djibouti Agreement, will end in August 2011, and expressed support for the work of the Special Representative of the Secretary General, in cooperation with the international community, in helping Somalis work towards post-transitional arrangements in Somalia. The members of the Security Council expressed their intention to monitor the situation closely.

The members of the Security Council reiterated their full support to the African Union Mission in Somalia (AMISOM) and expressed their continued appreciation for the commitment of troops by the Governments of Burundi and Uganda. The members of the Security Council stressed the importance of predictable, reliable and timely resources to AMISOM and called on the international community to provide additional resources and support to AMISOM in order for it to better fulfill its mandate, and achieve its mandated strength of 12,000 troops. They noted the recommendations on Somalia of the Africa Union Peace and Security Council of 15 October 2010 and underlined their intention to keep the situation under review. They also stressed the importance of international assistance to train, equip and build the capacity of the Somali security forces and other State institutions, as well as the importance of adhering to the United Nations arms embargo on Somalia.

The members of the Security Council condemned any attacks on the Transitional Federal Government, AMISOM and the civilian population by armed opposition groups, foreign fighters and their supporters. They called on all opposition groups to immediately end attacks, put down their arms, renounce violence and join reconciliation efforts.

The members of the Security Council called on all parties to abide by their obligations under international humanitarian law.

UN Department of Public Information, News and Media Division

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