UAE facilitates Somali reconciliation declaration signing

DUBAI(ANN)The president of Somalia’s transitional federal government Sheikh Sharif Sheikh Ahmed and the president of the Republic of Somaliland Ahmed Mohamed Silaanyo have signed a reconciliation declaration that paves the way for talks and cooperation

among Somali parties.

The declaration was signed on the sidelines of an international counterpiracy conference in Dubai in presence of the president of Galmudug Mohamed Ahmed Alin and President of Puntland State of Somalia Abdul Rehman Mohammed Mahamoud.

Facilitated by the UAE, the “Dubai Declaration” today ends 21 years of breakup among the Somali leaders.

A statement by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs highlighted the role played by the UAE in the reconciliation.

Minister of State for Foreign Affairs Dr Anwar Mohammed Gargash, in statements following a meeting with the four Somali leaders, emphasized the support of the UAE to the people of Somalia stressing that reconciliation represents a good start towards cooperation and coordination among Somali parties to organize the internal affairs in their country, drive its prosperity and serve the interest of Somali citizens.

“Singing this declaration by the Somali leaders is proof to the unity of the people of Somalia,” the minister added stressing that the UAE and Somalia are sisterly countries.

“Somalia has been suffering for a long time from several challenges and it is time for it to restore its position and for this kind of contacts to positively reflect on the country and its citizens.” For his part, president of Somalia’s transitional federal government Sheikh Sharif Sheikh Ahmed said the Dubai Declaration serves as a framework for talks among Somali parties to conclude more than twenty years of breakup.

He thanked the UAE for hosting the second international high-level, public private counter-piracy conference which brought together all Somali parties.

“All parties seek satisfactory solutions that could contribute to unifying all Somali citizens”, he said affirming that his government is prepared to help all parties to the declaration to implement its provisions.

Sheikh Sharif Sheikh Ahmed also expressed hopes that Somalia would restore security and stability to drive growth and prosperity and achieve dignified life for its citizens.


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