Telesom is the biggest Fraud in Somaliland. Telecommunications History

Somaliland Declared Independence in 1991 from the rest of Somalia, after a Brutal Civil war that caused the entire country to be ruined by Siyad bare Forces and is still in cause till this day. In 1999, Al Barakat Remittance Tele-Communication Company was establish as a way that Somali

people living overseas can send money to loved ones back home, after September 11 The Company’s assets were frozen in US Banks by the FBI after thorough investigation leading it had affiliations with certain members of Al Qaida.

Telesom was established in 2002 after the collapse of Al Barakat, Telesom that is owned mainly by Somali citizen an individual named Ahmed Jimcale who also had major if not the largest shares in the previous Al-Barakat co. Annual income is estimated at around $2&3m annually, even thou this company is ranked number 1 in Somaliland, The three hundred some people employed by the company are not well paid compare to the company’s yearly income and if employee is hurt or is injured during working hours the company is not responsible and will not pay medical bills or treatment bills for an injured employee.

Somaliland enjoys relative peace in the last 20 years of its existence but the Government lacks the basic necessities or training to fight corruption which most companies doing business in Somaliland thrive on corruption, Bribing High ranking officials in the previous Administration of Dahir Riyale kahin were often Bribed by Telesom so they can get Favors done by the Government, Like the Fiber Optic Cable Contract Dispute for a period of two yrs and later was awarded to Somcable Com. That is owned by a Businessman named Mohamed Aw Said, Telesom’s Owner Ahmed Jimacale during this time Mr.jimcale tried to influence some prominent businessman from Somaliland to persuade the final decision of the President Dahir Riyale but had no success in the final decision.

Telesom co is the biggest corrupted company in Somaliland today and if the government does not do anything about it it wil have major consequences will be disastrous, telesom co is not a Somaliland and for that reason alone will try in its will to portray Somaliland as a corrupted country that cannot control its own economy or technology. Therefore, I say this to every man women and Child that Telesom co is not owned by Somaliland citizen like it’s Portrayed in the media, But 90% owned by a Southerner named Ahmed Jimacale, Therefore I offer to you a Petition saying to Telesom co Somaliland is not will not be for sale ever in to get out of Somaliland as quick as possible. 
With telesoms newest Agenda and how they Distroyed Somaliland Domain System that would’ve brought all Somaliland telecommunications companies in Domain system and why Was Hassan Abdi khayre Sacked From Dahir Riyales cabinet Ministers………………………. To Be Continued.
By: Abdirisaq Maxamoud Calin (Abdo)

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