The invasion in lasanood: In my statistically speaking, the grounded political destitute military invasion inside the city lasanood on 15th Oct.2007 by the Somaliland troops under the command of president Ray ale’s mentality of entitlement created narrow interest group politics and inabilities

to measure
the repercussion consequences of the jobs they do today for tomorrow were precisely attributed the present political panorama of tit for tat in between the government and the sool leaders fraud tactically
On the opponent side
The sool community leaders and intellectuals together were spelled the actions as an aggressive invasion, as they irritated seriously and vowed that they will never be accepting to attend in any peace talking scenes yet the invaded troops are in dhulbahante territory impulsively .
Followed the Mistakes,The situation has undergone to worst because despites the public displacement was a burial-political thorns for politics, but most of all the grounded political destitute action and the impulsive reaction had automatically blocked the gates and the channels for peace and reconciliation talks and concessions totally .
This was a harsh transgression for the country constitution principles with it’s rule of laws rather than it was a political scourge which we actually under estimated for it’s cost and effect in the long run fecklessness/
In common sense , the issue that needs to know and to account politically is that the kulmiye coalition performance government met in sool region just that unique political situation in the history of mankind
How president Ahmed Silaanyo was impressed the invasion in lasanood politically.
in order to clear this question let me mention here few events with witness as samples:-
1.    Sample one:- the next day in the invasion of lasanood I Col. Alas and Mr.Moh’ed Hirsi Muslim went to kulmiye head quarter and luckily we met with Dr. silaanyo in his office at 10:00 AM  sharp .
in that occasion the remarkable phrase which he spiritually expressed was that, by touching the pride of the people is too dangerous for the national solidarity in some how or the other.
2.    Sample two:- when president Ahmed Silaanyo returned back from USA I Col. Alas and my friend Mr.Moh’ed Muse (Galaydh) the general director of the ministry of rural and environment were visited him in his villa,  while we shortly discussed about how can we solve  the eastern  regions disputed  questions, if we shall win the coming presidential election.
Probably I have been expressed my idea and said:- Mr. chairman believe me that our garads and  intellectuals are not anti- somalilanders principally .
But they are radical oppositions due to the following reasonable discontented questions.
1.    The irrational norm of power and resources sharing balances is the heart of the matter
2.    The lack for further political analytic debates, such as the advantage and the disadvantage of the breakaway political stand point.
3.    The lack of sponsorship for better justice and equity  then the southern ruling systems which we disliked
Mr.Galaydh was pointedly stressed over how to devote everything to solve that dragged disputed questions (power sharing” must be proportionally fair said Mr. Galaydh.)
President Ahmed Silanyo, was apparently welcomed our opinion, while he summarized his respond as he expressed, we shall be holding a conference for final reconciliation dialogue without undue delay (insha allaah)
Online to end all the controversial questions in just the conference of talks and compromises is indispensible.
Subsequently , president Silaanyo has released his preliminary call for reconciliation conference of talks and compromises in prior to presidential election, and also he repeated for several times in post elections.
When so, is it credible to accept simply that president Silanyo is looking with cruel eyes at eastern regions indigenous people, or is that a laughable matter?
Upon careful consideration, let me telling you that the irrational wars that occurred in kalshale area as revealed tragedy, which actually been a severe punishment for the president because of badly damaged his political strategy is to be irreverent to the issues which narrated in this article any way.
Coming on sool community leaders
Respectable garads and chiefs, please see and consider the essence of the following enquiry questions in precedence, hoping that we shall be debating the issue in eye to eye in the coming months( insha allah)
1.    When your politicians were split in to all functions of the collapsed Somalia, what your position became any way?
2.    What is your prerogative job which your people milkaysed on you and hailed to serve permanently neither for peace maintaining nor for war mobilizing competence or for both of it?
3.    Kings of each clan are running after where their international community aids share is available, when so where does yours lies on?
4.    By accounting the Somalia’s rational common laws (statutory) does your peace talks objection is fair and acceptable?
Leaving the answers of these questions by the readers with the exception of expressing one question as a sample
See question three:- the share of the international community aids for your people is available in hargeisa permanently because they are purely  S/landers in all aspects , hoping that they will be looking the disadvantage of the superstitious political orientations and so will go to proud for what for being somalilanders in blood and bones by destiny.
Comrade Kings, it is not enough that a man to escape form harsh disciplinary system they disliked, they must be ready to accept a firm disciplinary system of another said prof.  Jack Balley.
Considering that wisdom, what I cannot read politically yet is to escape from where your right lies on, to where you have nothing in citizen wise in contrast.
Dear dignitaries the mind is a superb instrument if used rightly, but if used wrongly however, it is a destructive element said Mr. Tolly in his book of spiritual enlightenment.
In relation I beg your pardon to avoid always using the minds of your people wrongly.
In this concern, you know that I am professionally warrior and I learned that war is not a matter of prejudice but it is a matter of circumstances instead.
For instance, where mats for peace talking in being furnished there is no circumstance for war in all contemplations.
Thus, you may not find any reasonable justification for your peace talking objection of either in legality or logicality.
In conclusion , I do here by recommending you with respect to change your vowed decision which probably been derived out from your angry spirits and declare your acceptance for attending the peace conference which was invited you by president Ahmed Mahmud Silaanyo without undue delay please.
N.B. since you know that that I have no personal destiny for purchasing politics, and alongside I never been heard rakishly    where the shameless idiots were dragged your fame on the dust, I hope that you will reward me in return to consider the weight and the value of my application which may have a magnitude interest and promise for your people and for all nations in the horn of Africa
Praise is due to allaah for ever
By Ex,  Col. Abdilaahi H.jama Alas
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