Published On: Mon, Apr 15th, 2013

Federalism is not a Free Size Readymade Garment.By Abdillahi Jama Ali –Qurus

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The federal Government of Somalia is far off to satisfy the concepts and principles of federalism. The structural alignment of the system is not clear and it is very difficult to


identify the entities behind its formation or say subscribers to the system?.

Federalism is a system of decentralization of power or rather a power sharing mechanism. So, how is it to call it “a federal Government” , when there is no federal agreement or charter signed voluntarily by all concerned power contenders?.

Somalis have never before adopted a system of governance based on Federalism. They therefore has a little experience or say the right mindset to come up with practical solutions in regard to defining the Inter-governmental relations and fiscal transfers between them or say formulate a charter on the means and ways of sharing power. The Federal Government of Somalia is no-where to provide answers to most basic questions in regard to power-sharing structure or model, Inter-governmental relations and fiscal transfers,   functions and laws applicable   at each and every level.

Finally, federalism is a bottom up process and not a top-down process.
Abdillahi Jama Ali –Qurus.
E-mail: ajama.ali@gmail.com

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