Turkey Offers to Host Renewed Somalia and Somaliland Talks

Hargeisa(ANN) The Somaliland government has accepted an invitation from the Government of Turkey to host resumed talks between Somali and Somaliland. The talks are

now expected to resume in mid-April. Somaliland’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, Dr Mohamed Abdilahi Omar, announced this at a press conference on Monday (April 1st) .

He said “Both sides of Somaliland and Somalia have received the invitation and we confirm that we have officially approved” adding that “the two presidents will sit together and will discuss various issues concerning Somalia and Somaliland.” Somali federal government has not yet confirmed the initiative. The talks began in June last year but were then halted following the change in administration in Mogadishu and to allow the new leadership to settle in.

The framework for the talks was originally agreed at a UK-hosted meeting in London in February last year and ratified at a meeting of the two Presidents in Dubai in June.


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